Keir McAllister – Hey, You’re Only Cosmic Dust, 26/07/17, ★★★★½

The Stand Comedy Club welcomed Keir McAllister for a preview of his, terrifically named, upcoming Fringe show. It’s also probably the best promotional poster of any Fringe show this year, but does the material live up to the advertising and to McAllister’s reputation as a fierce political commentator in the world of Scottish comedy.

Politics is exactly where he begins. The targets are easy, Brexit, Trump, the chaotic, rubbish and evil British Government, but he skewers each of them with fiery similes that get the crowd on his side. From here he focuses his ire on Christmas, including one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard someone tell on stage about a trip to John Lewis, this was the highlight of the show for me.

The second half begins to explore the show’s title and the evolution through life of his friendship with a rather peculiar Ghost Tour Guide. This turn into serious territory allows him to take us through his past life as a born again christian and the struggles of his current life and relationship.

This show is well rounded, with a hugely satisfying conclusion. As this was a 45 minute preview I’d be interested to see if he uses the extra 15 mins afforded to the full show to build on the topics of the second half and if not it’s still a great show. What more do you want, he’s only cosmic dust.

You can catch Keir at The Stand 2 at 15:50 throughout the Fringe.

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