Exciting Ones!

I’m on my way to my first two Fringe shows of 2017 at the Pleasance Courtyard. Sara Pascoe at 7pm and Dane Baptiste at 9pm. They’re two of the performers that I’m most excited to see this year. I’ve seen Sara once before and she works with wonderful imagination. She’s sold out almost her whole run, but I’d highly recommend checking for returns. Dane is a new one for me, but the topics he’s covering; Gold, Oil and Drugs should keep this one interesting.

Some of the other shows I’m most excited are:

Stuart Goldsmith – This is a free one at The Liquid Rooms and if the show is as good as he makes it sound on his Podcast we’re all in for a treat. 

Iain Connell – I’m a massive fan of Burnistoun, so intrigued to see what he’ll do in his own performance.

Tony Law – I’ve heard so many great things about Tony and his surreal act. This sounds like exactly the type of thing I’ll enjoy.

Craig Ferguson – I last saw him at the Chicago Theatre and you could just tell he loved performing. It’s a shame this is just a live version of his radio show, but interested to see where he takes it.

Although this is a comedy blog the theatre I’m most looking forward to is:

Rhinoceros – The highlight of this years International festival for me.

Goody – Such an interesting premise, this surely can’t be dull.

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot – Stephen Adly Guirgis is one of my favourite writers, so great to see there are two productions of this play at the Fringe this year.

Reviews will follow.

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