Dane Baptiste – G.O.D. (Gold. Oil. Drugs.), 03/08/17, ★★★

Dane Baptiste remains the only Black British act to be nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award, which is one of those things you think must be wrong (not because he isn’t great, but because of great performers like Nathon Caton and Stephen K Amos who should have been nominated at some stage too). With a BBC sitcom under his belt it seems that a huge break isn’t far away at all. He returns to the Fringe to talk about G.O.D or gold, oil and drugs and he covers them in that order.

In the gold section his ire falls on the worship of money and what’s influenced this in modern western society. We also learn a bit about his background, what it’s like growing up in London and the home comforts that he enjoys. This section features a fantastic take down of the TLC song No Scrubs that sees him get into an unabashed rant, something I would have liked to have seen more off.

By Oil, he doesn’t just mean the substance that is responsible for the rise and fall in your petrol price (or the rise and fall in Scottish hopes of independence), but modern industry, technology and resources. The best of this uses Breaking Bad as such a clever example of how the relationship between provider and seller should work, but doesn’t. He also has a great line on nuclear weapons, that could have been built on.

The drugs section felt a bit shorter than the others and arrows in on an issue closer to home, Dane’s relationship with his weed dealer.

This is all tied together under the banner of God, with religion and faith as an issue peppered throughout the show. From the billing of the show I would have liked the material to be more hard hitting, but I think it’s on the verge of something brilliant. I’ll definitely check it out again if it’s toured and see how it has evolved.

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