Mark Steel – Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be Alright, 04/08/17, ★★★★

Two years ago Mark Steel put on one of the best shows that I’ve ever seen at the Fringe. Who Do I Think I Am covered his investigations into his adoption, with some incredible revelations as to who his birth family were. If it is ever toured, or appears at the Fringe again make sure you get a ticket. I always make sure to catch his show when he’s in Edinburgh and all though this doesn’t quite reach the incredible standard of that show two years ago, it is definitely one not to be missed.

No one does the political rant in British comedy quite as well as Mark Steel and this is clear early on with his goading of the Tories about their disastrous general election. In this show though, he has a much bigger issue to discuss. In the past year he’s been through a divorce and has had to give up a life in the suburbs that although he was skeptical about at first, he’s grown used to. He manages to keep the intense sections funny, even when discussing the reasons for his wife’s hatred of him that had grown over time, even though it felt like an explosion. Note to the readers, do not to love Andy Murray more than your partner.

My favourite of his observations is how Britain has been stuck in a race to the bottom since the 80s, doing nothing for the sake of making people happy and always concentrating on who can make money out of it. This has been accelerated since the “Credit Crunch”, with even his divorce councillor recording the financial price of everything and he means everything.

Despite the downbeat subject matter this shows lives up to it’s title when he talks about bouncing back, falling in love again and finally escaping from the family dog that he’s always hated anyway. This show is more than alright, he’s on to another brilliant one.


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