Sara Pascoe – LadsLadsLads, 02/08/17, ★★★½

It seemed only right to open the Fringe 2017 by seeing one of the biggest stars in British comedy. Her full run of shows was sold out before the Fringe had even begun, testament to her impressive performances on shows from QI to Mock the Week. I was first aware of her from her hilarious performance as the difficult neighbour of the titular character the first series of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, a must watch for anyone into cringe comedy.

Here she begins with the turbulent journey the past year of her life has been. Break ups are sore for everyone but she does well to play with the specific difficulties around one that the public may be aware off. The overarching theme is how she responds to this, with trips to a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica (not recommended), solo trips to Paris (not recommended) and trying out a first date at the theatre (definitely not recommended). On this last one, some of my favourite material here is around art being generally shite, a well trodden topic but one she takes a totally different angle on.

In amongst a wonderful story about the emotional lows of PMS, driving her ex insane and a vibrator with an app it becomes clear that this hour doesn’t perhaps carry the same intellectual weight that took previous shows to such unique places.

In closing she proves herself a master of the callback and still maintains the huge laughs in subverting the audience’s expectations throughout. This show also isn’t without a poignant observation, that being alone is the default, however it’s treated.

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