Stephen K Amos Talk Show, 06/08/17, ★★

The talk show format is always a difficult one. It relies on the guests and audience to be as energetic and excited as each other and in this case neither side lives up to their end of the bargain. Although anything with short snippets of performers are rarely my favourite shows, I felt there were particular problems with the format of this one.

The show opens well enough with our host running through the usual pleasantries, where’s everyone from etc. He builds on this with a couple of decent gags before introducing his first guest. Nazeem Hussain brings the enthusiasm that can make this type of thing a success, but he doesn’t get the best chance to show off his show. Instead of doing a quick five minute preview of his set they jump straight into an interview. He has some interesting stories about his career and appearing on Australia’s version of I’m a Celebrity. There’s also a great moment at the end where Amos offers anyone who buys a ticket to Nazeem Hussain’s show a free ticket to his own Work in Progress show.

Next up is a very sleepy Glenn Wool. Glenn’s solo work always seems to garner excellent reviews, but he’s not at his best here. I’ll try to review his own show later on in the festival.

Jayde Adams is the only one on today’s show that gets to preview her work, but it proves a struggle now that the atmosphere is flat. She’s able to pick it back up with a huge finale though, she is a seriously impressive singer!

We find out that the final guest Jimeoin has had to leave as he’s been double booked. So Amos finishes with another bit of stand up and closes with an acknowledgment that this hasn’t been the best 75 minutes.

This was a show that was clearly much less than the sum of it’s parts, but was salvaged by a couple of good moments from Nazeem Hussain and Jayde Adams.



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