Christian Schulte-Loh – Rise of the 50 Foot German Comedian, 10/08/17, ★★★½

Christian Schulte-Loh is a German Comedian working in the United Kingdom and doesn’t he know it. As the owner of (A domain neither he nor the audience could believe was still available) and the author of a book in German about living in England, much of his act focuses on the difficulties of living away from home and what he loves about it, too.

From the start it’s clear that this will be a show about cultural differences, as he uses the standard opening of asking the audience where they’re from and working with some of the more interesting locations to elicit belly laughs from the crowd. His crowd work is excellent throughout, particular his Arnie impression for a group of Austrians, his ability to make a 16 year old blush in front his mother, much to the hilarity of the rest of the audience, and his picking up on two Germans who are translating the show to each other. On the latter example, he doesn’t get annoyed that they’re talking during the show and never seeks to belittle them, but still manages to create some very funny moments from the interaction.

These interactions give the show an international feel, but ultimately it’s about a German living in England and this is where the written material stems from. Including sections on the British Class system and what it takes to qualify as middle class, gigging for upper class people (he does an amazing impression of an upper class Brit) and a final section on Mind The Gap announcements, which is the most intelligent joke in the show and a great finale.

If you’re looking for solid laughs for an hour then this is a show for you. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but his comfort on stage, likability and quickness with the audience make it worthwhile. I’ll definitely be back to see him and I’m excited to see how he builds on this show next time round.



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