Wild Bore, 17/08/17, ★★★½

I was delighted to make my first trip to the Traverse Theatre of the Fringe 2017. Year round it’s one of the best performance spaces in the city, even in August when every room in Edinburgh becomes a performance space it remains among the best. They always have an amazing theatre programme that toes the line between the Fringe and the International Festival. In reading through their listings the one that really caught my eye was Wild Bore. Ursula Martinez, Zoe Coombs Marr and Adrienne Truscott are all brilliant performers in their own right, so the trio joining forces in this diverse production makes for an unmissable event.

Comedy is where they begin. The show opens with our three stars arses plonked up on a table, reading lines from reviews that they’ve received. Their ire focuses on those who simply haven’t understood their work at all, especially through the phrase “for no apparent reason”. It’s a great example of crap criticism and they all seem to have received plenty of that.

Ironically I did find certain sections difficult to follow, a failing on my part. The second half is intentionally chaotic and the quick fire examples occasionally went over my head. I did enjoy that it was self referential throughout and they utilised this brilliantly for laughs.

This show has received numerous 5 star reviews and if you’re looking for something completely out of the ordinary, with hilarious performances then this is a great option. In a show that’s guiding premise is that reviews are often more about the reviewer than the performance on stage (based on this review, that’s entirely true) I found that it I still prefer a more old fashioned linear narrative, however surreal the story.

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