Tony Law – Absurdity for the Common People, 19/08/17, ★★★★

It’s taken me almost a full week to review this one. That’s about how long it’s taken me to start to get my head around it. The whole experience was quite unlike anything else I’ve ever seen take place on stage. This is the show that proves the star ratings to be completely arbitrary, I’ve changed my mind constantly between 3 and 5 before finally settling on 4 (he is much too captivating a performer for it to ever drop to 1 or 2). It was at 12:00 that I began last Saturday by venturing into the insane mind of Tony Law.

The whole hour is built around his 1970s trampolining career. He was a huge success, but a little bit too innovative for some of the judges, the parallels with his stage performances are clear. He performs with manic energy, switching themes away from the trampolining but always returning to it and those themes are pretty varied and often seem to have been worked backwards from the punchline, or at least last what he hints at, who knows how such an imagination works in practice.

As well as the diversity of material, the activity is also pretty out there. This is the only show where I’ve witnessed shadow puppetry used as part of a wider non-shadow puppetry show and to great hilarity.

If anything in this show had actually happened it would almost be a traditional stand up show and Tony Law would be just another man in a t-shirt noticing things, I can assure he isn’t. If you watch a lot of live comedy, are feeling a bit jaded with traditional stand up or just want to be entertained at midday then see this show. You might not love it on first glance, but in three weeks time I’ll probably be giving it 5 stars, not that it matters.

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