Ahir Shah – Control, 16/01/18, ★★★★½

For the first time ever I was late for a comedy show! My German class had over ran by a couple of minutes and the packed snow on the streets of Edinburgh slowed my rush to make it to the Stand in time for Ahir Shah starting the performance of this award nominated show. I found the show to be sehr gut and at times even schone.

I had worried my tardy arrival would mean it would take my brain a while to settle into the show, but as soon as I perched myself up on a seat I was gripped. Armed with a wealth of information and a mind capable of analysing intricate details, Shah wouldn’t be out of place on Question Time. The opening segment of the show covers Brexit (particularly those who voted Leave) through a series of increasingly intelligent comparisons, culminating in a terrific analogy involving Nandos. His concerns aren’t all targeted towards the right, his material on Jeremy Corbyn provides a stronger take down than most right-wing pundits have managed in recent months.

In the second half questions abound regarding the current movement to “Take Our Country Back”, whether victims of globalisation are the real victims at all and the normalising of historically questionable opinions by the BBC. The show builds to a short lesson on British History, that rips some increasingly popular opinions to shreds.

The show is so engaging that I’ve forgotten to mention how funny it is. A lot of political comedy sacrifices laughs for good points, but that’s not the case here, with even the bleakest of bits crafted to get laughs.

Ahir Shah will return to Edinburgh in August with his new show about Death. It will almost certainly be worth your time.

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