Ahir Shah – Duffer, 05/08/18, ★★★★½

As a note for anyone planning to catch Ahir Shah at somepoint during the Fringe, I arrived about 35 minutes before the show started and only just managed to get in, so make sure you arrive early. His popularity is certainly justified and he follows last year’s excellent show with one that may even be slightly better.

This is a show about family, about where we come from and what happens when we are reunited. There is tragedy sprinkled throughout the show and these are the bits that he performs like no one else, leaving them hanging there, with the audience still rocked even after he decides to break the tension with a joke. It ties together themes of Windrush, people being forced apart and what it can do to someone’s mental health. It’s not all serious and there are lots of huge laughs throughout, coupled with his incredible charisma.

Show’s about break ups have always been a popular format for Fringe shows and this does something similar, but a wee bit different, something even more relatable, that’s less about little foibles but about something much more universal… and about Bohemian Rhapsody.

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