Hello there!

Welcome to my page of comedy reviews. I decided to start this in the vain hope that one day I’ll be able to get free tickets for Fringe shows… also because I love watching and discussing live comedy.

It’s best to treat this as a list of recommendations, I don’t plan to include anything that I didn’t find any enjoyment in watching. I’d be more likely to put that down to the show just not being for me, or a one off bad performance. I’m not looking to trash anyone who has put their heart and soul into preparing their show. However, if it feels like a particularly lazy effort then I don’t mind leaving a bad review.

In line with this I don’t love the idea of star ratings, but will probably include them at first as it makes it easier to browse.

At slower non-Fringe times I plan to write some general articles on comedy and possibly review funny films, books, podcasts and TV shows. Luckily their should be plenty to review year round thanks to The Stand Comedy Club’s great programme of events.

To give a flavour of what I usually enjoy some of my favourite live shows have been by; Doug Stanhope, Bo Burnham, Mark Steel, Limmy, Stewart Lee, Jim Jefferies, Hannibal Buress, Mark Thomas, Frank Skinner and Louis CK. Hopefully I’ll be adding a lot more to this list.

Thanks for reading,